iDeerKids - Languages Learning for kids
  • a game-based and structured curriculum optimized for English-speaking beginners;
  • compartmentalized contents designed for studying in fragmented times;
  • multiple test modes that strengthen memorization and personalize learning;
  • a gentle voice with native pronunciation at two speeds covering all contents;
  • synchronization of learning progress across devices.
How does iDeerKids make Languages learning so easy?
  • It's game-based: iDeerKids uses mini-games that test your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills through the entire process.
  • It's task-driven: Materials are divided up based on various skill points, linking the motivation to learn with the desire to win.
  • It's effective: Every item can be learned and reviewed in a short time, making learning a great investment of fragmented time.
  • It's comprehensive: Both Traditional and Simplified Chinese are supported, giving users the total control on which system of characters to learn.
  • It simplifies things: Chinese handwriting, characters and pronunciation are simplified to ease your way into this language.
You will have lessons that cover:
  • Basics
  • Greeting and Introductions;
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Past and Future
  • Friends and Social Life
  • Dinning and Vacation
  • Dating and flirting
  • …and more!